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Tadadel FM® is a registered trademark of Tadalafil manufactured by Delta Enterprises. Each tablet of Tadadel FM®20 mg contains Tadalafil 20 mg. Tadadel FM ®20mg is prescribed to male’s with Impotence.

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Tadadel FM®20mg is a brand of Tadalafil 20 mg manufactured by Delta Enterprises. Tadadel FM®20 mg is approved by Indian Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in women’s. Tadadel FM®20 mg is approved by the Drug Controller General of India. Tadadel FM®20 mg is also approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization which is the national regulatory body for Indian Pharmaceuticals. Tadadel FM®20 mg tablets is drop shaped. Tadadel FM®20 mg pills are pink in color. Tadadel FM®20mg has a molecular formula of C22H19N3O4. Tadadel FM®20mg has a molecular weight of 389. 411 g/mol. Tadadel FM®20mg is a derivative of carboline and a PHOSPHODIESTERASE 20 INHIBITOR. Tadadel FM®20mg is a derivative of carboline with vasodilatory function. Tadadel FM®20 mg is an annulated 20-diketopiperazine. Tadadel FM®20 mg is also a 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-β-carboline. Tadadel FM®20 mg can also be synthesized from (D)-tryptophan methyl ester and Piperonal. This process is followed by condensations with methylamine and chloroacetyl chloride thereby completing the diketopiperazine ring. The dosage of Tadadel FM®20 mg is thirty minutes to four hours before having sexual intercourse. Don't take Tadadel FM® 20 mg with nitrates. Tadadel FM®20 mg cannot be taken with alpha blockers. Tadadel FM®20mg cannot be taken with antibiotics, antifungal formulations, Bosentan, Imatinib, St John's wort, Boceprevir, Carbamazepine, Fosphenytoin, Isoniazid, Cimetidine, blood pressure medications, HIV/AIDS medications, Grapefruit juice and high fat meal. Tadadel FM®20 mg is very well tolerated with very less serious side effects. The side effects of Tadadel FM®20 mg includes nasal congestion, headache, flushing, nausea, dyspepsia, diarrhea and visual disturbance. Stop taking Tadadel FM®20 mg if there is a prolonged erection lasting more than 6 hours. Tadadel FM®20 mg should be stored in a cool and dry place and away from Sunlight. Tadadel FM®20 mg should be kept away from children's and pets